A foxy GIVEAWAY {closed}

Hello. Since I haven't really posted much since last year I thought I would start off with a Giveaway. Yes a foxy one. The contents are all handmade by me. How lucky are you :). Right first I should reveal the prizes.

What we have here is a foxtail keyring, a wee foxy clay head {which can be hung} and a print of my Mushrooms drawing. But this is not all....

You will also receive a foxy scarf. How good is that?


Entry is easy peasy. {please read all of the instructions carefully though} I basically need you to either

- like my Facebook page (search for Loobyroux) AND leave a comment or like the link.
- like my blog AND leave a comment
- If you follow me on Twitter retweet this link {with my name attached please}. {Name if as ever @Loobyroux}


Comments should be fun. Answer this question: what woodland creature/animal would you most like to be and why?

{entries are not going to be judged on the answer, it's a bit of fun :)}
{I'm afraid I can't post outside of Europe}

I will pick at random, pull out of the hat style, a winner. I will run this until Thursday the 7th of February at 5pm.

Goodluck everyone. I'm excited to see the entries.

                                                             ❤ Loobyroux