Things i Like to Do at the start of a New year

hello Friends and Happy New year. 

{me in a Vader mask at the in-laws}

It's time to clear out the old cyber rubbish and start with a fresh out look, so this is what I have been doing to start.

1. Clear out Facebook. This generally means just going through my friends list and thinking when and if I have spoken to that old school person who I probably don't class as a friend to begin with. And keep those people I want to keep links with. I have almost become brave enough to keep it non work, but I actually sometimes need to contact certain people this way. oh well.

2. Clear out the old hard drive. Make room for new exciting photos or music or films. keep it fresh. You can apply this to real life too.

3. Pinterest. This has been bugging me for months. I love to Pin but I find the boards I set up and named aren't what I look for now. I've grown out of them. I want to simplify it. It's time consuming but worth it in the end.

4. Emails. I Don't know about you but I have at least 4 addresses. I use one for my main one and the others seem to be for filling up with spam or ebay notifications. I can let these ones go for months without sorting them.

Well there you go a wee insight into what I do over the first week of January. Thrilling huh! Jokes aside it feels so much better to clear out your computer/laptop/tablet of crap that piles up over the year. Steps to take to make your machine run smoother and avoid malfunctions always a big yes!!

                                                         ❤ Loobyroux