Advent Swap

Myself and my Friend Christie decided to do our gift giving and little differently this year, in the form of an Advent swap. 25 presents wrapped up for one per day. Despite work and other life commitments I managed to pull it together. I really enjoyed doing this very much. It's lovely putting together treats for someone who has similar interests to yourself and someone who will appreciate fully the time and effort gone into putting it all together.

We swapped them today. I hope to update my blog for each gift. If not on here I shall be updating each day on Instagram. (my username is 'loobyroux')

Day 1

This was what my swap looks like for Christie (photos courtesy of Christie)

Happy Advent everyone.



  1. Lana you are so inspiring. this is beautifully made! I love the idea and your blog is excellent! Great work gurl! <3

  2. aw thanks petal. i wish i had more time to update it. xx

  3. great idea. that christmas house is so cute! did you make it?



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