Advent Day 3

Well the weekend is over and back to reality of the day job. But one thing getting  me up in the morning is my advents. It's a really lovely incentive to get a cuppa and open them (in my pj's of course!) I've just had some lentil soup I made yesterday and have a cup of tea. Sometimes my favourite time of day is just sitting after work browsing aimlessly round blogs, mainly to unwind my busy head. Also making a mental list of things to make tomorrow evening on my rare early midweek finish.

For those of you wondering where I got this Playmobil advent calender (I'm such a dork!!) you can find one here.

Last night I was working on some Hama designs and I build a gingerbread house. I love this time of year.

Another lovely incentive is that I am actually able to write a little here and share my photos. I have really missed my blog. *hugs screen*

                                                             ❤ Loobyroux