Advent Day 2

This morning I woke quite early. Which is really weird because I was actually hoping I would. As I sat drinking a cuppa I felt a large urge to make soup. The weather being a massive factor. I found a really yummy Ham Soup recipe. I used unsmoked gammon. I highly recommend it.

Today was also Day 2 of Advent Swap. I forgot to mention that I also have a Playmobil Advent. It has loads of cute animals in it which I am a total sucker for. This is it so far. 2 trees and some squirrels. <3 p="p">

In the advent swap It continued with the Charlie Brown and Snoopy theme with this cool comic strip book. so far so good.

Happy Sunday. I'm off to make some scones and biscuits. Feeling extremely productive.

                                                          ❤ Loobyroux