One fine Sunday

What better way to shake off the 'night before booze' than a trip to a local Estate House. Haining House to be exact.

Despite the fact it was neglected in its later years {it's occupant Andrew Nimmo-Smith was a recluse} it holds its charm and beautiful character. Sure it's falling to pieces in some places but it has had a long hard life. It has connections with Sir Walter Scott, and was occupied by soldiers during WWII.

I really enjoyed hearing about the history from many of the volunteers. One of which is a direct relative of the former occupant. It really makes the place more special when the people around it are so passionate about what they are working for. I can't wait to see the progress. 

just behind the house there is a massive loch out the back. I never even knew it existed and the size surprised me. It's so beautiful. I overheard someone say that the view of it from the top floor is spectacular. Sadly we weren't allowed up because of the work going on however we were allowed out into the balcony of the second floor. 

Even a pet cemetery. 

It is truly a special place. being there with the BF made it really special. It's all about making memories. And this is one that will keep growing as the house restores. 

                                                          ❤ Loobyroux 

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