Today was Good

 Flowers from Mr Roux was a lovely surprise <3

 It was the other day but I got a new laptop. Yay. One that is faster and won't crash the minute I open more than one window.

Lunch was one of my favourite foods. Yes cheese, on cheesy rolls <3.

After a day of watching teen films from my youth such as Hocus Pocus {oh yas} in my pj's. I finally got dressed to go shopping. I'm in love with my blue jeans, adequately rolled up for the heat that seems to be lingering around even without added sunshine. comfy espadrilles and a new top I have not yet worn till today.

This is the oddest part of our local Tesco. Its a huge gap between the travelators and car park. But it has some lovely reflections and light.

I made yummy experimental dinner. I love colourful food.

I did nothing today apart from the above. Work and the weekend took it out of me. I wanted to rest up for crazy shifts at work. I finally wrote in my journal, but I have a long way before I will have a beat to it. I think I am going to finish my goal list and set it in stone some way. I am also inspired to rethink my diet {I'm not thinking of losing weight 'diet' kind of way just what i generally eat}. I want to cut out crisps in particular. Carbs in an evil form. I eat far too many to replace things I should be eating. Especially for my lunch. If anyone has any good alternatives please share I need all the help I can get :).



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    1. I felt like I accomplished so much just by getting dressed :)


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