Scarf Crush

Hello. Quick post to share this wonderful scarf I got today. I was looking through my Pinterest feed one night last week and noticed Hilary Grant was having her sample sale. I'm a huge fan, and she's a fellow Scot and wonderful designer! This one caught my eye straight away as I love purple and anything Geometric. It sits perfectly round my neck and will be extra cosy in the winter with its 100% Lambswool. Very stroke-able.  I think This may be kept for special occasions until I feel comfortable enough with it getting worn {Is this weird? I just don't want to snag it straight away}.

In other news my friends and I are setting ourselves some creatives challenges. We went to college together and have always wanted to get our creative momentum back. We all work in very different ways so it will be interesting to see what we come up with. I will share when we have some work to share :).

                                                       ❤ Loobyroux 


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