Feeling Old?

 All of a sudden recently I have found myself in conversations about feeling old. Now this is not an attempt at feeling sorry for myself, quite the opposite. Each conversation leads to the same conclusion that I am happy with my life.

It may seem boring and dorky but its mine. I love coming home for work after 8 hours on my feet and putting on my pjamas making a cup of tea and stick on some of my favourite telly. I might even knit or crochet. My ideal day is be a trip up to IKEA to dream about having a house big enough to fit my dream furniture into. I want to be a good cook and feed the man I love with healthy food. I like sitting down with Mr Roux and talking through our days. I like staying in on a Saturday night and spending time with him and having giggles. I actually like doing housework because EVERYTHING feels better when it all done {it's keeping up with it that is the never ending struggle}.

It's nice to get retrospective once in a while. I have been thinking about a few changes I could make in my life. I started a list of things to achieve before my next birthday. Its. not quite finished but the process alone is a lovely thing. It's nice to think about the things you want from life and what you need. Thinking about the future can be overwhelming but that's the point.

 {what has happened to this blog?}

I am in the process of figuring out what I want from this blog. I really have enjoyed keeping it but I think the theme i set at the start is difficult for me to keep up when I am rarely on my laptop other than to watch a missed show or shop! I want to keep sharing things I love to make and creative stuff. I have been thinking long and hard. Even during shifts at work and I miss writing up blog posts so much. Then I realised I need to change the premiss and make it a more personal blog. Share my life. Take more photos. cease the day a bit more. I dont want work to take over my life. It already saps most of my time. I plan to restyle the look and feel of my blog. simplify it. But still keep it a happy space. Keep it Loobyroux :).  I'm not sure how many people check my blog when I post something new. And it's not important. I really want an online journal that feels more like me, and relates that to you.

Alrighty, enough of the serious. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday.