I cracked the crochet code!!

Hello friends. It has been a wee while since I have wrote a post. Moving into full time day job hours has shocked the system and pulled my creative side on hold for a while. Mainly coz I'm constantly tired and want to lie on the sofa watching films (who doesn't). I have had a cold and to be honest not been eating the right food to get me through long days. Which I have since sorted Because I ain't young anymore. Tomorrow I turn 27 and I'm starting to feel it. I know its not quite 70!! But to me I feel much younger. I want to plan goals for me and the Beardie (the BF). But I will go into that in another post.

Back on topic now. CROCHET!! After a year of trying I have finally cracked that tricky code that allows you into the club. And now I'm inside I can honestly say ANYONE can do it. All I did was search for a video for Granny Squares on youtube ( which i will share bellow) and voila. I watched each step. pausing each time so I was following it properly and the tiny square emerge. It was extremely satisfying.

I recommend using a thick needle and thick yarn for the first attempt because you can see more clearly what is going on.
Once you get to this stage you really do understand whats happening. i cannot recommend this video enough. It comes in 3 stages. and before you know it you'll be doing what I did...

You can just keep going and going. You will either want to make a blanket or keep making teeny tiny squares. I'm just loving making up wee combinations. Thanks to this

I hope you have all enjoyed the lovely weather. I have been working over the weekend. Just my luck. And am feeling exhausted and run down. But I have a week off as of Friday so am ready to do nothing and everything and doing a sun dance so that it will come back for me :)

much love xox