Rainy day out

It's funny to think how weather effects your creativity. Today has been mucky and there is no colour. Its the sort of day a crafty type craves. An excuse to stay in and knit or sew. Then this got me thinking how it effects my other half, who is a very keen photographer and he hasn't had the best luck with weather recently. It cant be easy not being able to just nip out and take photos. So myself and the OH got ourselves on the road.

Now I would say today was a compromise because I really wanted a visit to IKEA and since it was peeing down outside he agreed its better than staying in watching the rain from the flat. The other side of this was I had to tag along while he took photos. I'm not too bothered about hanging about but I think any camera widow knows it can get tedious. (and sometimes embarrassing. I've been left in the car by the side of the road more times than i care to remember because the light was just right!) I do have a total understanding of this creative spontaneity though and I love him for this. But I would take all those freezing cold times back in a second!

Through this random thought that I jotted down in the car today, I thought about a blog I saw recently, which belongs to my College Tutor Soibhan O' Hehir. She has been keeping a 'Weather Diary' through photo and her paintings. I really admire this. It takes alot of commitment. I have always looked up to my Art teachers. She is an Artist and a very inspiring person to be around.

Anyway I really enjoyed my day up to Edinburgh. Stopping by the Forth Rail Bridge. And indulging in some retail therapy at IKEA (I'm a sucker for their textiles). I also bought myself a new set of paints, now I have to do some painting!

I got myself a Water Pen. They are brilliant.

Well hope you are all having a fabby week. Getting my eyes tested tomorrow. Been wandering around without glasses for almost 3 years. Lucky I still have fingers and thumbs etc. Excited to choose my new specs.