Cakes: Easter Baking

Initially I intended to bake for the works bake sale over the Easter weekend. Not all of it made it that far. I managed some Chocolate Bark and mini cupcakes. The cake pops and crispy cakes came a day too late (so are now sat in fridge being consumed daily yum!). I love decorating cakes. I never have time to have a proper baking day. But being on holiday helps. I really want to make many more for friends.

Aren't the wee chicks so cute. I found these multi coloured ones and fell in love. They make great little cake toppers. And I have seen some really creative photos with them in them.

Really enjoying my week off so far. The relief of not having to get ready for work everyday is something to behold. I cant wait to go on a wee road trip, get new glasses (where i can finally see!!) and declutter and refresh myself for going back to work. Hope you have all had a fabby weekend.