Camera Fun

A few weekends back Myself and the BF went for a walk with cameras round the local reservoir. It was a lovely sunny day. Not quite warm enough for it to be shorts and sandals weather but I enjoyed the vitamin D. We took with us the Nikon DSLR, a Nikon SLR film camera and the Fuji Instax. Of which I had some fun using. The most fun was trying out the Nikon film Camera and getting the film developed. I really want to use it all the time now. Anyway enough blabbering... Digital photos of me by the BF.

                    Wellies, long sleeved top and scarf (which I customised into a cowl) all from Matalan.
                                                         Green jeans from Newlook.
Dress, from Etsy

 These photos were scanned. And I fear they have lost their awesome quality for the fact its expired film. But I love these. The fact I can hold these images in my hands and keep them forever is just so satisfying.

These are the Instax photos. The BF isn't as nearly excited by using this as I am. I try to use it sparingly as even though it is better value for money for film than Polaroid it is still a pricey photography habit. I do love it though.

Added Instagram bonus photos {you might have seen the smaller versions}

I hope you are all having a fabby week. I'm really busy with the Day Job and finding my creative side lack these last few weeks, but I'm making goal lists for April. Which I hope will pull me out of it.