Thursday Love

Some things topping my Eye Candy charts:

1. Triangular Necklace 2. Wonderful necklace 3. Wooden triangle necklace 4. Owl brooch

5. Blue clutch 6. Bear Dress 7. Galaxy Nails 8. Crochet Hood

9. DIY Envelope 10. Scallop Shorts 11. DIY Calender 12. Triangle customising

Its Thursday!! It's raining!! yey its almost the weekend! Well for some. I still have 5 days of work ahead of me. Boo to covering for other people. But Someone has to do it. Hope you are all having a lovely week. I'm super excited as I ordered a load of cone yarn at an awesome price and plan to use it this weekend {in between work} fingers crossed it arrives on time. Love getting things through the post. And small treats to make up for the irritating things in life. And since the weather is so miserable I'm going to make a nice comforting dinner this evening. Happy Thursday folks.



  1. oh nice! thanks for including Jess' envelope tutorial in your list. I love that one too :)

  2. its such a simple but lovely idea. i love all your DIY features. x


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