Procrastination of a Knitter

As with many creative work the number one enemy is Procrastination. Now that I have begun Knitting most everyday it can be hard to ward off those tasks you would rather be doing. This is my own Top Ten List of 'Procrastination Of A Knitter' {Dun dun dunnnn!!! Dramatic}

1. Too Many things I want to knit not enough time!

2. I just went for a lie down...

3. My Knitting finger is really sore today.

4. Instead of actually Knitting I thought I would Google what other people are Knitting.

5. My Tea is cold.

6. I feel like a change. Now I will spend all day thinking which other craft I wish to try.

7. I shall make a list of things I want to make whilst watching this distracting film.

8. I just went to say hello to Bunny...

9. I've just painted my nails.

10. I was looking for that tutorial I really needed to start this project, when I 'accidently' found a cute cat video, which then led me on to this other really cute video, and then another.......

What distracts you from your Tasking?