Drawing Up Some Knitting

It's safe to say I like to knit. But I also love to draw up ideas and patterns. Always have. I've been doodling since I was allowed to hold a writing instrument. Its one of those things I get lost in for days. Then it stops. Like any creative blast. Inspiration takes hold them boom. Its gone again. However with this I feel its an on going thing. Because I know the end result doesn't end when the pen leaves the paper.

{This one is my favourite. Cant catch how lovely it looks in person as scanner and cameras pick up different lights. As you can see I love my chevron/zigzags}

Recently I have taken my knitting a bit more seriously. I would pick up needles before and just knit for the sake of it and end up unravelling it all. Since I have learnt how to add design and pattern to knits It has really grasped my attention and when I knit I like the solitude. I can watch a film and knit. I still have to look at my hands but not all the time which I think is an achievement. I want to be one of those ladies who sit down and knit for hours without looking at what they are doing. They are the Pro-knitters.

I am really enjoying knitting with my knitting machine too. I have yet to master what I can do by hand and apply it to the machine but I'm sure with the amount of information and helpful videos I have come across on the net I wont be without aid. It is such a wonderful thing to own. And I love that it came from the BF's parents. Its a massive compliment.

This weekend I am:

{Watching a little of snow. Quite glad its not heavy as the BF is away for the day and needs to be back this eve. Still a little magical}
{Knitting of course}

{Keeping cosy and warm}

{finishing my January Instagram memory book}

Hope you all have a superb weekend.