DIY: Pencil Eraser Stamp

Hello folks. How are you today? good. Well here is another DIY post for your viewing pleasure. This has been shared many a time on t'internet but I really love this idea and want to show you how I did it {You can see my original attempt here}

Firstly, what you will need:
{Pencils with eraser tips, paper knife, inks, and a Eraser for the bonus stamp I will share!! you don't have to break the bank on pencils and rubbers, I got mine from discount stores}

1. First you want to choose a shape, then pencil it onto your eraser. I use pencil coz some pens ten to linger and bleed into your Inks if they are a light colour its more noticeable. Make it simple.

Place on to a cutting surface.

2. Carefully cut into the eraser with a sharp knife. Try to cut at an consistent angle. This make do-overs less of a risk.

Ta-Da you have now cut the shape out.

3. Choose your weapons. I made a few so I could stamp different colours without faffing about cleaning them afterwards.

Look at the pretty patterns you can make. Its particularly great for mini bunting! Its so simple. Even leaving the eraser in tact makes a cute wee circle stamp.

Now for the Bonus Stamp:

 Same technique as above. But this time its an eraser. This allows you to make larger shapes. {I love triangles!!} I use ink but you can use paint as well.

DIY stamps don't end with Erasers. I've made these 2 out of wine corks. Potatoes also make a very cool old skool stamp. I don't know why there isn't a job where you can just stamp all day everyday. 

 I hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know what you think. Are there any other stamps you know of and want to share? Get in touch.



  1. This is so cute, definitely going to try it

  2. so awesome, defo going to try this :)


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