DIY: Patch Up Leggings

I go through leggings like there is no tomorrow. I always snag them and holes develop. I hate to throw them out so I thought I would share this idea to keep them going a little further.

{What you will need: Pins, card for a template, felt, thread, scissors and a needle, and the leggings of your choice}

1. Cut out a template of your choice. I chose hearts but you could do any shape you wish. make sure it covers the hole and is bigger than it too.

2. Cut out the shapes from your choice of felt.

I needed 2 patches for my leggings.

3. Pin the felt shape to your leggings directly over the hole.

Do a simple stitch. Because leggings are stretchy and felt is not, you need to allow for a little movement.

And Voila. You now have some lovely patched up leggings.

I love them. Just in time for Valentines Day where everything is hearts. I'm like so on trend! This DIY applies to anything that requires patches. I have had to do it to a favourite cardigan before. Customising clothes is a great way to prolong their life and making them suit your personality.



  1. so rad! i sewed stars onto my jeans in red to patch them :)



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