DIY: Floor Cushion

Oh lordy a DIY post. I'm so not used to doing these so forgive the poor photos. I wanted to try this out for ages. I bought new pillows a few weeks ago which left a few musty looking pillows going spare. So I thought I'd use them to make this floor cushion. It is terrifically easy {this is why I can make it ha!}

{What you will need}
{3 pillow cases, thread, pins, needles and scissors/seam unpicker (just incase), and not pictured an optional sewing machine}

1. Choose your pillow cases wisely, as you will be sewing them together. Lay them out first in the order you wish. {My pillow covers are thrifted but you can buy pretty new ones}.

{As you can see on this diagram my sketching skills rock!! haha}

2. Once you have chosen the order you like, pin the edges together. Be sure to make sure you pin them on the right side so they all look similar when laid flat {one side will look seamless, one will not}

3.Get sewing.

4. Once all sewing is complete {you don't need to use a sewing machine, if you have time hand sewing is just as good. just time consuming} Insert pillows. And test it out!!! comfy huh!!

As you can see. I am doing the lying down option. You can also fold them into a pillow stool. So many variations to this DIY. why not add two more pillows to make a make shift spare mattress or sun lounger!! so many possibilities.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think.



  1. Brilliant :) Maybe I should try this instead of attempting quilting with my new sewing machine.

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    1. Thank you! by any chance did you share this post today? if so where? x


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