Book Review: Knitting and Design for Mohair

This is my first book review. I haven't wrote anything analytical since High School. I had to actually do a bit of research on where to begin when doing one of these.

Knitting and Design For Mohair. by Angela Ffrench. 
I should emphasise that this book was published in 1987. You probably cant buy it anymore unless you find it in a charity shop like I did. This makes my reviews very much spontaneous, as the craft books I love are basically all from charity shops.

On first impressions this book looks right up my street. The description offers up basic techniques for designing Mohair knitting. It also shows more adventurous ideas from embroidery on knitwear to creating different textures.

Flicking through the book, at first glance it is full of wonderful photos and diagrams. This is paramount when I look for craft type books, descriptions can only do so much. You often need photos or diagrams to create the whole picture.

The Introduction to books usually bores me as I want to get straight into the story or find the topic I want to read. The wee Angora Goats are enough to make me want to know where Mohair originated {Its apparently a 'Mystery', but the hair comes from these cute goats}.

The contents of the book flow really well. a good ratio of text to photos. Each stitch style has a photo which is nice as usually its a diagram which doesn't give a realistic representation of what you will knit. Towards the back the grid designs are rather inspiring. It also helps visualise how to make your own.

The best part about collecting 'Vintage' craft books are the photos. Fashion has completely broadened in the past few years and all manner of decades are 'in'. The appeal of Vintage is a lot more for me right now. I think I can appreciate it now. I can honestly say I don't follow fashion personally but I am aware of it as it changes.

{Check this guy out with his 'Financial Times' in his funky jumper}

I give this book a valuable 8/10. It is very useful for Mohair knitting and the photos are especially excellent but my not yet full knowledge of knitting deems me unreliable when it comes judging a knitting book for its accuracy so this explain my minus 2 points. Its is a great book which I will keep for as long as I have shelves.