Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...

Hello. I've had a rather busy Saturday. It was fun. We went to Bamburgh and Seahouses. Small seaside towns just south of Berwick In England. Its like a mini trip abroad for us Scots ha! I even withdrew some English notes and had them in my purse for a few hours. I'm jesting. Anyway this gave me an ultimate time to try out my Instagram on tricky wintry lighting. I also tried out my film camera and took a couple on the Fuji Instax.

Bamburgh Castle. I love the reflectiveness of the sand.



 Holy Island Causeway. I'm scared of this place at Tide time.

 My PhotoBoy.

BEE socks!!!

 Cosy in the car. The sun came out just before setting.
I finally found this stuff. soooo lovely to wear.

I will share photos from the BF's point of view in the next few days. I will also share a knitting project that I dreamt up out of this trip. I've needed a theme to follow and I think I have found a start point.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. I'm off to munch some chocolate and Chili cookies I bought from Sainsbury's. I love going there to buy treats.