New Year Goals


There is nothing better than the feeling of a fresh New year. It gets you thinking about goals and aims you wish to achieve. Or as some loonies {in my opinion} call them resolutions. I'd rather set myself realistic Creative goals that help with things I actually want to do, than change my lifestyle for a few weeks then fall back into it because the novelty wears off.

The main aims I have set so far include. 
- An extreme amount of knitting. 
- Learning to use my New/Old Knitting machine. 
- Not buying anymore craft materials until I really need them {that's just temporary coz its true i have way too much stuff}. 
- Keep a creative journal {i promise myself to keep one every year so why change the tradition}. 
- I am also going to try and knit daily. 
- I have started to draw out knitting patterns. Something I started months ago and didn't quite carry on.
- Take more photos.
- Make more memories
- Read books from my massive pile next to my bed so i can buy more.
- Try to save money. 
- Plan a summer holiday, even if it is in the UK.
- Sell some of my Vintage clothing items.

...And many more to come.

I also plan to pay more attention to my Blog as it wittled out near the end of the year there.