My top Internet resources

I thought I would share some Internet and phone based resources I love to use on a daily or weekly basis towards my blog {A bit like un-vailing the magicians secrets but not so important}.

My most used at the moment would be Pinterest {there is a link to mine on the left of my blog page}. This is an awesome tool for bloggers who like to share finds from the net.It is basically a virtual Pin Board for all the lovely items you see on line. I am always Pinning things. Its really easy to use and you can search through thousands of other peoples Pin boards. Its very handy for keeping links to the images so you can share it with everyone.

I love Picnik it is a free online photo editing software. With a tonne of cool tools. I use the collage application a lot. And the text feature is nice for making simple blog headers. It is also a quite way to resize large photos without faffing about on Photoshop. Sadly this is one of the site which is being cut by Google. It will be available in Google+ but I have no idea how good it will be, so at the moment all features are free {some of which you had to pay for  to use} until April when it will be closed.

This is a new love affair. I got my Eye-phone {I call it this to avoid spam :)} just before Christmas. My BF was upgrading and he gave me his old one. It a fantastic blogging tool. Instant photos with an array of filters which are fun to try out. Its a great way to interact with other bloggers as well. I don't know how i managed without it before. I also found out you can view your photos online on which is a revelation to me. much easier then a tiny screen!

As much as I love my Blogger reading list, I can only see posts by Blogger users. This is where Bloglovin' comes in handy. I love A beautiful Mess and every morning it emails me notifications of new posts I can look forward to reading after work, amongst other blogs I love!

There you go. My secrets are out. don't banish me.... Ha! Go check them out if you haven't already. Blogging is fun but it takes a lot of work. These make life a little easier.

{All images from Google image search} 


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