Knitting progress

Hello. Well haven't I started off well this year. I have actually knitted everyday.

 I finished off this sample which has been sat in my knitting bag for months. I'm still pretty new to knitting designs and a bit slow but after a few rows I get into a groove.
So I started the same design but adding colour.

It's hard to know how colours will look until you knit them side by side.

I'm just playing it by ear and picking a colour as I go. seems to be working so far. 

I was round the charity shops today. My favourite activity when I have a day off during the week. I have a favourite shop coz its set out more like a thrift shop rather than the other tidy shops out there. I probably missed these for weeks until today I looked in a drawer and there they were. 1970s Modern Knitting magazines. Especially for Knitting Machines as well! Fate I tell you. Fate!

Although the 1970s magazines are great they are for the modern KnitMaster machines which isn't the one I have. Which is why these 1950s magazines I found were a delight. I'll need to learn a lot more about my KnitMaster before I will understand patterns but I'm really happy I found these.

I found this one in the 1950s magazine. A knitted Wedding dress. I would actually wear one if it was make right.

I love my Knitting Machine. It is so pretty.

I also found an address book which looks like its from Madmen. I don't know if i want to use it yet.

Its hard work being an obsessed vintage hunter. I think I now have Eagle eye. And am also worried I may become one of those hoarders. Luckily I'm not single or living alone, these i think are major factors a hoarders condition to grow. Also I have a mental list of at least 10 kinds of items i look for, which help filter out broken umbrellas (hoarders always seem to have those) and newspapers.

I have hopes to go somewhere this weekend and take photos because the BF and I haven't done so in ages.I have 4 different types of camera to experiment with now; Instax, film, iPhone and digital {might be too many huh}. Maybe get some Chips by the Sea. Doesn't matter if its cold. Nothing beats a day at the sea to clear away the cobwebs. And nothing beats the beer at the end of the trip followed by cosy slippers and tasty dinner. Looks like I have made my plans for Saturday. Best go tell the BF :).



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