Knitting Progress and life...

I have been a busy beaver knitting and drawing out knitting inspirations. I think I have found my favourite activity.

{Addicted to Graph Paper}

{This stuff goes everywhere}

{I'm getting more adventurous. I love Chevron}

{I love the back of a knit almost as much as the front}

{Tiny cushion I think this will be on sale in my Folksy shop soon when I re-open}

In other news....

{I love my funny socks}

{Pretty plates. One of my new loves in thrifting}

{Sparkly shoes}

{I love this ankle length dress I found for a £1. I may shorten it. Can't wait for summer}

{Mia or Bunny Moo Moo as we call her. Shes a wee cutie}

I'm absolutely feeling creatively active right now. Knitting and designing. It really has let me feel good about making something again and having illustrative evidence to remind me that I can still draw up patterns and sequences like I used to do a few years ago. I can get completely lost in a drawing like that. {I still have another blog dedicated to my drawings which I haven't updated in a while but I will start again soon Rain Or Shine }. I'm loving my coloured line pens. They make excellent textures on Graph Paper. Yum to Rainbow colours.