Knitting Machine Love

Managed to set up my knitting machine and actually work it!!! how exciting. only took me a month {I have been busy} I really needed a good afternoon to figure it out. I have used knitting machines before, however these ones were more modern and less stiff. The Knitmaster 6500 {you can google it under the more common 4500} is so simple to set up. I managed up to 23 rows before i had to stop due to arm ache. It definitely needs some more oiling up and care. I might need to replace the brushes and test out different grades of yarn in different tensions but I am so happy to be able to use it. I think I will need to find a good stand for it. cos at the moment I have it on plastic crates full of books but it moves and wobbles. I am totally in love with it though. I would love to find a modern punch card version too. Maybe one day.

{I made this thank you card for my In-laws whom gave me the knitting machine. They found it in their attic when they were having a clear out and knowing how I like to knit and other crafty stuff they cleaned it up and gave it to me for Christmas. Best present ever!!!}

{Of course I am never going to give up hand knitting. there is nothing more satisfying for me right now}