Weekend Times

Well hello there. I've came down a bit poorly today. But managed to do a few things crafty before I returned to bed. {Which is where I currently am}

{Christmas tree in the Kitchen, and snowie my stacky cake tin}

{Salt dough fun. I think I will make a massive load of these to sell at work next weekend for our charity boost to end the year. Its technically a bake sale but I think salt dough would be a nice edition. Salt dough is easy to make and fun to work with. Also good practice for making fancy biscuits. To make you just need 2 cups of plain flour, 1 cup of salt and one cup of water and mix together}

{I love fresh tinsel amongst fairy lights}

{I finally secured these felt flowers to my wreath (using cocktail sticks) and added one of my Cava cork mushrooms to make it a wee bit cute. I love the ribbon and bow too, it ties in with the mushroom}

{Cava Cork Mushroom. Easy peasy to make. Just paint white and red with acrylic (best to do the white bit first and let it dry otherwise you end up with a pink fusion) add the spots and voila. I plan to attach these to presents and the Tree so i screwed in a picture frame eye hook. very cute}

{I couldn't sleep last night due to my sore throat so i ended up watching Twilight and sewing these triangles onto these ready made stockings. I want to hang these up in our hall way}

{I thought these cork mushrooms would make a cute necklace so i threaded my chevron length through it}

{Wearing my Autumn coloured tights makes me smile}

{Watching Mia and BF bonding on the sofa}

{Cherry soothers. My life saver today}

Hopefully I should feel better tomorrow. I usually get a cold which lasts a day and then mysteriously disappears. Fingers crossed anyway. I'm in bed watching The Frighteners. Really loving the Peter Jackson old Skool style of this film. And Michael J Fox is funny to watch in anything other than Back to the Future. Anyhoo. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. It is meant to snow here so we shall see :).