Trick or Treat

I don't know about you but I am Halloweened out. After a whole week of watching scary movies {paranormal activity isn't scary i found out} and walking dead series 1!!!! We were done even before Halloween Eve. So I took down the decorations last night {kept some of the pumpkin stuff out coz i like the orange colour} and before I did I took a few photos to share.

{This stayed sideways for some reason oooooooooh}

{cute picture I found online and printed out and framed wish i could remember the right source}

{I love this film!!!}

{That's me dressed for out Saturday night party. I couldn't wait to get home from work and get gored up. I kept telling my workmates, I think they will look at me differently from now :) }

So recently I have been gearing up to sell again. So last night I stayed up until god knows what time editing photos and writing out listings. So if you got to my Shop now you will see some of my lovely items :) I tend to sell at Christmas for some reason unknown to me. I think I just don't have enough time the other times of year. Maybe I should remedy that. Anyway this is what my view was last night {notice large cup of Earl Grey}

I almost set it up like i was playing shops. I'm so weird.

Happy Midweek!!!