Free Tourism

Finally I have managed to edit some photos I took when we went to Jedburgh Abbey in my home area of the Scottish Borders. For St.Andrews Day the Scottish tourist board opens up free entry to such places to celebrate this day. We registered for out free tickets and off we went...

{Typical Scottish blustery November weather. My chums Christie and Amy and the BF, check out his cool mac}

{We were all Snappy Happy}

{creepy faces}

{That's the BF up a floor. Me and Christie went up there and it was damn scary}

{The arrow leading us up the scariest steps ever!!! never again!!}

{you can see me with my back against the wall hiding behind Christie hehe}

{BF spinning round as i took photos. Special}

{My jacket looks bulging but I had the cosy big jumper on under it}

 {obligatory jumping photo fun}

{We then ventured to Hawick and visited the TowerHouse where we met this little fella}

 {The place was excellent. It had a whole room dedicated to the processes of weaving and knitting which flourished in the Scottish borders}

{And of course we went and did a little bit of thrifting. I found more Christmas stash and a couple of lovely scarves and a bag which will see me through festive parties}

It was a really lovely day. One of those days that felt like we had done the right amount of stuff to feel good about. I don't get many weekends off so we really did make the most of it. And road trips with my friends and the BF are definitely a good thing to use this time up. We even managed to nick some paint chips from the DIY store as myself and Christie are a bit sneaky in that way. Its what they are there for surely :).

Hope you all enjoy the first weekend in December eeeeek. I have put up the mini tree in the kitchen and am planning some experimenting with salt dough and home made stamps. HO HO HO.