Deck The Halls....Or at least start to

I have finally completed my Autumnal/Winter wreath. yey. I think i might have to put up my mini Christmas tree in the kitchen this weekend. Just to be cheeky.

I wrapped a polystyrene base with white fabric {a t-shirt cut into a length and wound round} then yarn over the top. Now I left it to one side for about a month while i started on our advent calender. Which i also must say needs finishing, last minute I know!!! After the past month i decided to make wee felt roses {tutorial here} and attach them to the wreath in a cluster with my fav colours {i might make a mini one in more playful colours coz i love all kinds of colours}. I attached them to the wreath using double sided foam tape, I would suggest using hot glue for it to be more permanent, but I'm hoping to alter it in the future so for now I am using the tape which is strong enough to do for this year. I plan to braid a Chevron length for it to hang by in similar colours.

I plan to relax tomorrow and craft some wintry stuff. Sort out my Christmas decor into kitchen and livingroom {i'm a dork!!} and drink plenty Tea.

Also just a wee reminder that my Folksy shop is open at the moment. Take a wee look. :)