Autumn Leaves Part 2...

Here are some photos from our walk in the woods.

{Holly!!!! loads of it!!}

{photos by Steven Robertson}

{What I'm wearing : Hat - thrifted.
                              Scarf - a shop somewhere in Edinburgh
                              jumper - Matalan
                              Jumper (underneath) - thrifted
                              Jeans -Matalan
                              Bag - H&M
                              Gloves - thrifted
                              Boots - thrifted }

I don't often do outfit posts but I thought I would throw that in there since i really enjoyed wearing this outfit to walk about the leaves. I felt at one with them hehe. {All photos are by my BF so check out his flickr page}

This evening I have been sorting my yarn a little. I keep alot of it in boxes which is annoying when I'm trying to think of colours to use in a project. so i put my favourite thrifted yarns out so inspire me.

Looks so much prettier out for all to see. I already started using some vintage 100% wool to knit a scarf for my dad for Christmas. He hill walks so I'm making him a mini snood type thing to keep his chin cozy. I really want to used that orange stuff to knitting something awesome but I don't know what. might be a cushion cover. I have matching black stuff so i could do a chevron style knit with them both. See!! I love the options of wool.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.


  1. Lana, I just stumbled across your blog via a Twitter retweet and love it. Your photos and your eye for the quaint colour of life brings a smile to my face!


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