Look what I made...

{First time for everything, and this is my first christmas stocking. I love it. Now need to design and  make one for the BF so we can swap them and fill them up with gifts}

I couldnt find any simple tutorials to share, I didnt use any as i had an idea of what to do. I guess an inventory of the base would maybe be useful.

-I used fleece/felt from a cheap IKEA throw {for the outside}.
-I lined it with a unstretchy fabric like cotton/linen so the stocking wont sag {for the inside}

 You basically work out the shape and size of the stocking you want then mark it out with pins. Making sure the lining is in the right order for sewing together, it should be on the outside. Of course before any of this you should add your own little personalised touches on the main fabric. And you can use any type of fabrics. I used this fleece because its a classic warm christmas colour and the fleece is just so soft and thick.

I hope this was a little useful.



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