What's going on...

Well hello there. I'm still easing back into things so I will start with a round up of activities I have been up to.

{Finally finished painting our Instax. it still needs some personality but at least its less boring}

{I have been knitting and recycling to make some new items. Will share when I get a chance to take photos}

{Mia is a lot of fun. This is her eating hay from her Vet visit box. I think its more like a nest now though}

{I have too many things to customise. But these napkins are making my head crazy with ideas}

{I used to read these. And now I've started again. Guilty Pleasure? yes!!}

{This hat is the bestest. I found it for £4!!! BF is already booking it for an Autumn photo shoot}

{{when im not blogging im usually rambling on at my Facebook page.  Come join in the mayhem :) }}

♥♥♥ Loobyroux ♥♥