Monday catch up.

Well hello there. Sorry for my absence. I've been a little bit lazy and haven't had much to share or say. After holidays blues I think. Here's a sum up of things I have been up to.

{Thrifting and finally finding lovely old books to read this winter}

{Started to paint our Fuji Instax which was just a plain dull colour. Need to varnish over the paint as it will scratch off but it looks good so far}

 {I started to knit Triangle patterns. So exciting. Yup saddo I am}

{Spent my days off last week mounting BF's photos for his exhibition}

{Spent today with the BF as he put up his Exhibition}

{This is the BF looking at War books in the Library where his Exhibition is being held}

catch you soon. 

♥♥♥ Loobyroux ♥♥


  1. Love the retro plates, my grandparents have the same ones. I need a copy of catcher, no idea where mine is.

  2. same annika. I think i lent mine to someone or left it at my mums.


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