Vintage shopping

Well hello again, we must stop meeting like this, no we must, its much more spontaneous.... anyway. Whilst up in Edinburgh. I dragged the BF to my favourite Vintage shop Armstrongs. Whilst I was looking for clothes he took some snaps. {I've got him into the thinking that I need photos for my blog! he is learning}.

I found a few lovely items. I had a photo shoot this afternoon with the BF with them and others I have found recently.

 {Dress £3 from a local charity shop. Bag also charity shop find. Glasses from Ebay}
{Dress from Dee Dee's vintage}
 {Dress from Dee Dee's vintage. Headphones and 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks read along' charity shop}

 {Dress from charity shop £3. Mia our Rabbit such a cutie}

 {Dress £12 from Armstrongs . Cup and Saucer found in attic of our flat}

 {Night dress from Armstrongs. £8. Cuddly dog a childhood Teddy}

 This a round up from this afternoon, I will put up more in another post, I wanted to pair up some of the photos. I had a really good time doing these. Big thank you to my BF {whose photos you can see here and his website here} Also a massive thanks so Dee Dee's Vintage for their blog love and the dresses. This is the reason I love blogging, the totally amazing feedback. Have a fabby Saturday evening.

♥♥♥ Loobyroux ♥♥