Keeping it Floral

Well Hello there. I thought I would share with you and idea I saw on Pinterest the other day. Its a simple tip for arranging flowers in a bowl. I'm not skilled at this so the tip was a proper roadtest. I thought I would share it with you in a DIY kind of way. Go me! Anyway here we go...

 I got some masking tape and a bowl I had thrifted last month and not found a use for yet. And of course a couple of bunches of flowers. enough to make it look full and bright.

 I began to put the tape across the bowl in strips in one direction...

 ...and then the opposite, until you have a grid like pattern. {note: it is more ideal to make gaps smaller as i soon found out}


Fill the bowl halfway with water before anything else. I almost forgot, doh!! And then start to put the flowers in the grid. You have to cut them quite short. I also recommend buying 2 bunches because you need to bulk it up a lot.

 Now as you can see. this bowl wasnt doing it for me. If i had bought more flowers maybe I could have filled it but it was working. So...

 ... Voila. Much better. A smaller deeper bowl. Was perfect for my final tweeked arrangement. {look how it matched my table cloth!!}

 It looks pretty at the window with the sun shining in.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. I'm not great at them but I hope to improve over time. Today I off to look round the second hand shops, first day of my mini holiday. Couldnt feel more relaxed right now. Happy Wednesday.

♥♥♥ Loobyroux ♥♥