Geeking out at the Museum.

Well hello there. How are we all? good. Fantastic. Now, I have been rather excited for weeks about the trip we made on Thursday and it was rather amazing. The National Museums Scotland has been closed for years for a refurbishment, and myself and the BF were looking forward to seeing it all shiny and new. It didn't disappoint. {I would say one thing though. I did notice a lot of things were missing that i remember, Like the insects, I couldn't see them anywhere.} Anyway I digress. It was really a really nice trip. I still got a little worried about going up all the floors, you can almost touch the roof. The floorboards creaked which made me nervous, {can you tell I'm a worrier about heights.} Despite this I found the collection terrific. Especially all the costumes and the animals had to be the best part. I basically recommend you go and see it for yourself {only if your in Scotland, don't travel across the world on my word!}.So here are the photo I took enjoy!!


 {I want them all}

{Shark vs T Rex?}

 {I'm so glad this photo turned out well}

 {eeeek look at this costume}
 {I wanted to take one home}

 {Margaret Macdonal Mackintosh, one of my favourite female artists}
 {Teeny tiny sewing machine}

{I have this Spirograph}

So there you go. Was so busy that taking good stand alone photos were impossible. Here's a few of me that the BF took after insistency that I need photos for my Blog.

I hope you enjoyed my photos. I'll be back with more on Edinburgh, but for now, enjoy your Saturday.

♥♥♥ Loobyroux ♥♥