Thrifty Finds


So excited by some finds I've made recently. It takes me ages to take photos and they never do them any justice. I hope at least someone enjoys these.

This Polaroid Camera which I found for £4.50. I can't wait to see what appears when I get some film. It's exciting. 

 This is my collection of 'vintage' fabrics. A majority of these are pillowcases. I think I have an addiction to old skool pillowcases. The fabrics are ace. It's one of the first things I look out for when I go into a second hand shop.

I didn't find this second hand but I had to share it. I got it for £2. A ceramic birdhouse. Its so pretty. I have a ceramic bird to go with it. I don't want to paint it or anything. It's brilliant. 

 These are a surprise present for my oldest friend. I hope she doesn't read this before I send it. I almost don't want to post it, its so cute.

I found this scarf for £1.50. I love my scarves and my vintage collection is growing slowly. 

This is a Miss Selfridge dress I found for £4. I haven't shopped in there for years. It was always out of reach of my style and money. And I just love the style of this. Maybe age has helped.

I love the shape of this dress. It came with a matching long sleeved semi cardigan. I really like it. My vintage clothes section of my wardrobe is slowly growing and adding to the list of alteration jobs for the winter times.

These are photos of my baby blanket in progress, i really enjoy knitting simple things {its the only thing I can knit at the moment :)}. What do you think of the colours? I always prefer the back of a knit to the front. Its like a gradual merge of colours instead of a plain blunt line.

Have you found something exciting recently? Are you making anything enjoyable?

♥♥♥ Loobyroux ♥♥