Picnic In The Sun

Hello...We had a Picnic on Sunday. I got a little sunburn but enjoyed the fresh air.

This is just next to Mertoun Bridge just outside my childhood town. I used to come here as a child and walk our dog and play in the river {at various points} It's such a beautiful place the Scottish Borders.

The BF read for a while. It was too bright for me.

My mum and her new man came by for a visit, its only 10 minutes from her house. I gave her my pink shades because she never wears them and I have been telling her off for her eye sight.

Some pretty photos the BF managed to capture of me. Very self conscious about getting my photo taken right now and I was surprised by the results.

We ate Sweet Potato, Mozzarella and Chorizzo Stovies {basically mash potato with the other two mixed in, traditionally sausage is mixed in or corn beef for corn beef hash} which i had planned to make for friends the night before, but the kind souls brought food to share so we of course had to eat it in case it goes off.

I really just enjoyed being back to a familiar place and away from the walls that surround out flat. Its a perfect spot because not many people know about it. And I got to take the BF to one of my childhood spots.

♥♥♥ Loobyroux ♥♥