This Goes Out To The One I love

Normally I skip a post on a Thursday but today is a special day. 2 years ago Michael Jackson was buried. 2 years ago I was asked to go to the library. 2 years ago we went out for a drink later that evening. 2 years on we are still together. Happy anniversary to my lovely BF. 
Since he loves photography and loves quirky stuff to do with it, like i do, I compiled this blog entry just for him. {I should really include a link to his Flickr}


How cool is this! a 1917 camera lens on a contemporary camera. amazing. Here is the set of photos from the Frankensteinstax as it has been named. And here are a few of my favs.


This is mesmerising. I think its a really cool idea. It looks quite fiddly to me but I'm a technophobe the best of times. I'm guessing its about take a video and a photo of the same thing and then picking out the animated area and inserting it somehow. Very clever. Called a Cinemagraph

Amazing! A photobooth in your own home. And the How To make the camera vintage looking Here

I also like this photobooth using a board and a photo frame. A great wedding photo idea for guests.

 Also love Elsies wedding photo booth.


This video is pretty cool. How to develop film using coffee and vitamin C. Madness!

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