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I'm sharing some pages from the craft books I found the other day. I have skimmed through them and found the pages that jump out at me {I think every woman skims through a magazine then. Comes back to it again and read the best bits} The photos are a delight for my peepers and I hope you enjoy some of the items I have found. Genuine 1970s crafting ideas. I think I may have to try out a few of these just to feel like I have learned something. 

This plush tree is from the back of one of the magazines. They seem to do a 'Picture Making' thing here. I love this tree though. The colours and textures are lovely and you can imagine making a seasonal version too.

I Love this page about making a leather clutch bag. These bags in the photos are amazing. I really loved the enlarged clutch bag I featured a few posts ago. These really fit in with my drawings right now. Id love to design some bags. Or Fabrics for bags. I'd have a field day. I was recently thinking of hand drawing some designs onto plain tote bags. But this is another item on the to do list.

I love these. Id make a bundle for displaying. I need to stock up on embroidery things. I'd love to make a wee line of sewing cushions to sell. I can imagine these as actual large cushions for on the floor. I just love the patterns.

Very early season wise but these look like they have only been make recently. Really ties in with the colours and eclectic designs of today. I love the bottom and top one. I can imagine them on my table. I can imagine them all displayed, not to be pulled, too beautiful.

I love this feature. I'm pretty sure it tells you how to dye white yarn from any old shop. I would love to try this and knit a scarf and see how it turns out.

These magazines are absolutely amazing. After weeks of finding absolute rubbish in the Second Hand shops, wee gems like these really give you hope. I'd like to thank whoever it was who donated them because it has made my week. My BF has his comics {yep he is a wee bit of a lovable dork} I now have my craft magazines. I shall share more bits as I try them out. Making the old into new.

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