Thursdays Thought...


I love it when I find some great photographs. And I mean 'I wish I could take photos like that' kind of photos. I always say it but I adore Elsie's style and these photos bring it out extremely well. Having a BF whom takes photos himself and my dreams of amazingly arty photos it will be only a great photographer that does our wedding. If only we could take photos of ourself. So here is some really special photos of an inspiring wedding. I am taking notes...

I absolutely love these photos. The props idea is genius.

I think I am in love with the Handmade quality and the colours. Its just magical.

This is my favourite. I love everything about it. The way its set out, the colours, and the styling behind it. I think I'll be wearing tights to my wedding. No way are my legs safe bare in public!

I think what mainly does it for me is that you get a sense of who Elsie is. Being a dedicated blog follower I can see her personality in these pictures through and through. And I think that is what makes good Wedding photos. I wouldnt want someone there just because they cost the right amount of money. They have to understand what we want the photos to say about us.

♥♥♥ Loobyroux ♥♥

{All photos from Elsies blog A Beautiful Mess where she has been sharing her wonderful day with the world}