Sunday Therapy...


 Sunday has been lazy and rainy, but very nice indeed. Got a few relaxing things done. And even better I can do it all again tomorrow. Thought I would share a few of my own things I'm loving right now.

These shoes. When I'm not at work, I take every opportunity to wear something I want to. And these shoes are my newest love. They have transformed my wardrobe. I would never have even tried them on before, but I actually love them.

These {fake lens} glasses. I love my Wayfarers shades and thought I'd try out these 'hipster' type glasses. I like to wear them when I'm working on my blog. Makes me feel super geeky.


Finally displaying my Singer Sewing Machine of which I found sitting outside a house on my way home from work one day. it had just begun raining and I only had a little way to go until I was home so I picked it up and carried it home. Of course these things are really heavy so I couldn't feel my arms after and was sore for days. But its in working order and in beautiful condition. One of the best finds in ages.

Today I finally made this fox. I saw one in a blog and had to make my own. It's not exactly like the one I saw, but of course it unique to me. The fabric on the belly is vintage fabric I got from a lovely lady Crafty Roo {she makes loads of lovely plush items. Mainly cats at the moment}. It's the first time I have sewn in weeks, well apart from the odd button, it's the first project. I love it.

Now this has been my main activity today. Nothing much on it yet, however there will be soon. It's my blog number 2. Specifically set up to be just for my drawings. I called it Rain Or Shine because there is nothing I like better than drawing like crazy for days whatever the weather. 

♥♥♥ Loobyroux ♥♥