Sunday I'm In Love...


Happy Sunday folks. I'm currently recovering from a wedding. What better way than to look through my favourite bloggers and find hidden gems....

I love this wee bag. Its giving my ideas for my own. And designs for tote bags.

I love these. I can imagine making these on a large scale and sewing on the detail. Something to make for Autumn I think.

I love this rooftop. I really want to move and have a wee garden. Even just a wee patch of my own. Im still chasing my dreams of growing my own wee herbs and just pretty things.

I love this idea. It is well and truly wedding season and even though I'm a long way from doing that I still love to look at ideas and catalogue them in my memory.

This is so cute. I love cross stitch. I'm only just realising its versatility.


This necklace is so cute. I love the house trend. And even more I love miniature houses even more.


I love this bracelet. The colours are so summery.


This fox makes me squeal. I love the colour and shape.

My love for Geometric patterns has never died. When I get the BF's iPhone I will be acquiring a nice case to keep it in.


These bows are so sweet. I'm currently knitting some black and white yarn to make a bow for the local festival we call 'Braw Lads'. The town colours are black and white, and i get to wear these to work for 3 days instead of the usual uniform.


I love these owl brooches. I really am considering purchasing one. These would look cool as wall decor as well.

I've had a great week. Glad of a few days off work. Doing a bit of brainstorming tonight on blog and creative things. I'm thinking ahead of the game at the moment. Really want to get into knitting. And my drawing. Actually need to get into the right gear, because I feel like I have been slacking recently. My job is part time so I really should be using my days off and free time wisely to my advantage.

Anyway apart from the productivity side I have a fab weekend. My old school friend  got married yesterday and even though I was only an evening guest it was a really nice party. The photos of the day looked amazing. She was beautiful. And I got to catch up with old friends. Have a lovely Sunday {whats left}.

♥♥♥ Loobyroux ♥♥


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