Studio Gossip...


Happy Monday. Thought I'd share some more of my favourites {things I forgot to include in Sundays blog post}...
My darling wee bunny Mia, at Rabbit level. She hops about her room during the day and has a lot of fun. {though she mainly sleep during the day}

This Doll House jigsaw puzzle Found in a charity shop for £1 and its from the 1960s. I want to frame it.

These wee doll kits are so cute. I'm still making on of them. I love the packaging as much as the doll itself. Look at the diagrams of whats inside each box.

Cute Birthday gifts from one of my Best Friends Christie. I love the wee fox.

I have a new found fascination with childhood toys and I find myself looking out for them more and more. I found these in a local discount store for a couple of pounds. The BF can use the for photo props too.

♥♥♥ Loobyroux ♥♥