Thrifty Finds


I love a good rummage in a good Second Hand shop. I have been lucky this week. And this is what I found...

I got an amazing bundle of Craft Magazines from the 1970s.

I also found retro pillow cases {the best for amazing fabrics} 50p each and this wee dish also 50p

Not so much a Thrift but OH MY GOD how excited I was when the BF said he would buy me some vintage Polly Pockets for my Birthday. And here they are. This one I never owned before but the Second one I certainly did. I want to put the winter cabin one as part of my Christmas decor.

Flooding of memories when I opened this one. I love them both.

Cute wee scarf with Brollies on them. And a teeny wee clip bag both for under £2.

How cute is this wee dolly.

This is just me messing about trying to choose an outfit to wear for a wedding this weekend. But worth mentioning that I found this beautiful dress for £3. It was brand new with just a bit of dye leak on the delicate off white mesh and was tagged worth £30. The stain came out no bother and I think its the prettiest dress I own.

Another scarf, this time on my heed.

I'm tired today. You know that feeling when you haven't done anything in particular. That's me today. Completely flat. But I think after the past few days I deserve a day of doing nothing {even though I feel guilty for it}.

♥♥♥ Loobyroux ♥♥


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