5 things I Love Tuesday...


Happy Tuesday. I have been rather busy today sorting out my craft area and trying to purge useless fabric and such that has been clogging up space. And Last night I sat in the sofa watching The Office {over the noise of our delightful neighbours music} and some Futurama, whilst drinking tea. I felt under the weather so needed so just relax. So with my laptop firmly on my lap I found inspiration in some nostalgia.

{I'm pretty sure I used to own this same one}


First up are Polly Pockets. After weeping over how much they have changed, I am determined to find one of the 1990s versions I had. I think I reverting back into childhood by my want for children's toys. In particular ones I played with. I used to take my Polly pockets with me everywhere. They just fed my love of miniature worlds. Polly I salute you.


I also wept at the thought of my mum selling my lego sets a few years back. If only I knew to keep one or two of the figures. I love these photos on Flickr by a man called Balakov. It's my favourite new Flickr friend I think. {though in showing my BF these photo he says he has lego in his mum and dads attic. How exciting!!}


Scrap booking. I was never so sophisticated as this is but I used to love making wee memory books in this style. photos. cuttings. I was never happy with any and often tore them up. Just the erratic artist in me I suppose. I want to start one up for memories again and keep photos and wee quotes close to heart for every season in the year. I love Holly's examples. She has set a target for me. Her Blog is also worth a look.


I can't help but squeal when I see photos of kittens. I love cats and had many as a child. I can wait to get my own one day {when our landlord will allow} Also when we live somewhere where the cat can go outside. I love love love these photos. I want to print them out and put them in a special squeal book.

{source google images}

The BF came through the other night and showed me this Skiing photo of Lana Turner {that's me} and I realised how much I need to find some nice photos of the woman I am named after. She was beautiful. I really don't have enough information about her, which is kind of shameful. It's on my To Do list.

What reminds you of your youth? what would you want now that you had then? I loved doing this blog entry. A proper excuse to indulge in childhood memories. Hope you are all having a great week.

♥♥♥ Loobyroux ♥♥


  1. I got an old school polly pocket on ebay for £3 a few months ago!


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