A little on the late side. This was meant to be my Tuesday post but I was a bit busy.

A break from the usual this weekend. Feeling tired now. It was a double Birthday Weekender for myself and the Boyfriend. 
{I look like I'm really angry in this photo, but BF didn't take any of me smiling}
We did nothing special really. Both of us took advantage of the phrase 'it's my Birthday'. And we drank rather a lot. And today {Monday} we went Thrifting. I found a load of pieces for my wardrobe. A lot of Winter items, I think maybe the weather inspired me the wrong way, but I like to think ahead.

 Sunday night {BF's Birthday eve} I made Fajitas.

He seemed to enjoy them as I was only on my second as he was finishing his last one. {I'm a slow eater}.

I wanted some nice photos of me. Despite feeling a little rough I like them. I love the colours in this outfit. I got the Brogues from Tesco, they have great grip and my feet didnt hurt after hours of wear.

Outfit: Cardigan - Newlook
          top - Newlook
         Shorts/culottes - Newlook
         Tights - Tesco
         Shoes/Brogues - Tesco
         Necklace - Present from a friend

To be continued...
♥♥♥ Loobyroux ♥♥