5 things I Love Wednesday...


Since I kind of missed 5 Things I Love Tuesday... I'm treating you to this. Aren't you lucky.

I LOVE these photo. Tilt-shift photography is insanely amazing. I particularly love scenes like these of towns because they look like toy houses.

I want to make this over sized clutch bag.

I love Junkaholiques page, she always finds the best in antiques. I love this customised box.

I also love the His & Hers sheds. I want a shed of my own. One day.

Got to love this. Who thinks up these things? A genius that's who!

I love this necklace. its very simple and the colours and textures look awesome.


I also LOVE this site TOO MUCH. I used to watch the Cosby Show as a kid and loved it. It's brilliant looking back at the fashion in the form of this blog.

A little over 5 items now. But I love this video. Who knew Joseph Gordon Levitt was so talented at dancing. Now I realise how he managed to do those scenes in Inception.

Been a rather productive week. If you haven't already. please check out my new blog Rain Or Shine. Its dedicated to my drawing side. Please let me know what you think. Day job has been draining me recently. But I can't complain because it doesn't take up much of my time really. I'm relieved i had a burst of creativity at the weekend and it has spilled over into the week. Hope you are all having a fun week and enjoying the fairer weather {been raining here for weeks}

♥♥♥ Loobyroux ♥♥