5 Things I Love Tuesday...


Just a quick 'hello'. Superbly busy this week. So if there is radio silence this is why. I promise to spoil you with my presence next week. {hopefully with lots of photos}

 I love this wee party set up. Especially the tiny houses garland. Amazing! I want to make it right now.

 I love these embroidery's. The texture and colours are immense.

 I really want to make this, if I was skilled that way.

 I think these garland are amazing. I really love the painted wooden pieces bellow on the shelf.


This thrift find collection from Dainty Squid makes me sooooo jealous. I love the house and the patterns.


This is my favourite find this week. From the blog Art Equals Happy. She designs her own knits. Something I want to try out. {on the To Do list for winter I think}. And a lovely read it is too.


I hope you enjoyed my Tuesday favourites. I will be back. I might even pop in by surprise. Have a lovely week folks.

♥♥♥ Loobyroux ♥♥